Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frustration, and a reminder

****Update 7/12/08**** I re-sent our packet to USCIS on this past Tuesday and we got a reciept for our check and a letter detailing the process from the Memphis office TODAY!!! YEA!! They've taken our money and won't send the forms back!! HOORAY!! :)

Well, today we had a frustrating thing happen...our I-800A application was kicked-back to us from Memphis. Here I was SO excited about the fact that we were all done and then, this! I have to admit that I was VERY disappointed. I'd like to say that I immediately remembered that this whole process is in my God's sovereign hands...I didn't. I was sulky and frustrated for awhile and I even had one of those "Just my luck...that's the kind of day I'm having" kind of pouts...Then He nudged. I love it when He does that!

I was reminded of all the things I've been saying not only to myself, but to many other folks in my life lately. Even as recently as two days ago. Things like "I can't believe how calm I've been" and "It's not like me to not focus on the time frame, but I'm really not". These things are true, but not because of me or my personality or my ability to calm myself. These things are true because of my God. He has given my complete peace in my heart about the timing of everything to do with our adoption. He knows who our daughter is. He knows where she is, when she'll be or was born and He knows the exact schedule that our paperwork has to follow in order for her to be referred to and placed with us. He knows.

I forgot that for a bit this afternoon. Until He nudged. He nudged and said "Do you believe me, or not?. Do you know that I know her, or not? My timing is always perfect and this, even this, is part of My timing."

Lord, help me to remember that each day of this journey. Amen.

Caleb-isms II

While staying at my mother's last weekend, Caleb was talking to my mom at bed time. She was tucking him in and had read him a bible story about the tower of Babel. Here's how it went down...

Mom was "snuggling" with Caleb, a practice that is part of our bedtime routine no matter who tucks him in. They were laying there quietly when,

Caleb: I wouldn't want to be that baby in the basket.
Mimi: Umm, Moses?
Caleb: Yeah, that baby Moses in the basket. I wouldn't want to be that baby Moses in the basket.
Mimi: Why not, baby?
Caleb: Because I would miss my Mommy. I love her so much.

What a tender heart.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


From time to time, I will be posting funny or sweet things that my first baby says. This first one will be a conversation that he and I had about his "baby sister in my Phiwipines"...

Me: Caleb, come here. Let's talk about your sister.
Caleb: my sister?
Me: yes, your new baby sister.
Caleb: (excited) Yeah! Okay! (climbs up in my lap and lays down in my arms...AWWW)
Me: What do you think her name will be?
Caleb: I don't know, Mommy, I haven't named her yet.
Me: What do you think she'll be like?
Caleb: be like?
Me: Yeah, like how will she act? Will she be fun?
Caleb: Yes! She will laugh a lot and play.
Me: Will you teach her things?
Caleb: Yep
Me: What will you teach her?
Caleb: I will teach her to walk and to talk and to play
Me: What do you think she will look like?
Caleb: She will look a "fwower" (aka flower) like you. (AWWW!!!)

There you have it. Our little girl will laugh, play, learn to walk and talk from Caleb and look like a flower...I just love his mind!