Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting ready...

Ever since we got matched with our beautiful sweet daughter, we've been in this strange transition where there are only two speeds, slow motion and hyper-warp-speed.

Last night we watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". In it there is a part where Flint, the main character, makes a giant jello mold that you can go inside and it's like a mansion. Watching this part made me think how this part of the wait feels. At one moment, he and his friend are bouncing all over the place like pinballs, the next second, his friend does a canon ball into the jello pool and just stops, frozen in place in the jello. That's what this part is like, a pinball ricocheting off of every "next step" placed before us, or frozen, unable to get traction to move forward for lack of a solid surface anywhere around.

There is so much to do, to plan for, and it's confusing at times trying to figure out what she'll need since we're kind of jumping in right in the middle of the "baby stage". With Caleb, we got infant stuff and then got the things we needed as we went along, but for her, we have to start with older baby, or early toddler stuff and it's hard to remember or figure out what all we'll need.

It's really fun too, though! Planning, thinking about her and what she'll want, need, etc.

Today, Steven and Caleb are painting her room. It's going to be lavender and girlie and adorable, but what's adorable right now is my men getting our girl's room ready.

Take a look:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We are joyous to announce that we have been matched with a beautiful 20 month old little girl!

She was the most wonderful Christmas gift we have ever received. We got the call from our agency on December 21st and received photos of her on the 22nd.

Currently, we are waiting for her immigration paperwork to be processed so that we can get permission to travel and bring her home.

Please pray for straight paths and FAST processing. Our deep hope, now, is to bring her home before her birthday in early April.

We will post more when we get it ~ Love, The Reutters

PS - We are not legally allowed to post photos of her on the blog or anywhere online...SORRY!