Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caleb-isms X

Today was a bit of a rough day for Caleb. It wasn't the worst on record by a country mile, but it was rough. Rough enough that HE noticed! This was the conversation we had after I sent him to his room for rest time. When I sent him, he argued and I told him his consequence.

I walked in and found him face down, hugging his "blue doggy" and crying silently.
Mommy: "What's wrong, baby?"
Caleb: "I'm just having a really bad day"
Mommy: "Why is it so bad?"
Caleb: "I want to obey you, but I can't stop arguing."
Mommy: "I'm sorry you're having such a hard time today."
Caleb: "Every time you tell me something, I want to obey and my heart says 'I want to obey my mommy' but then an ugly weed sprouts up and I argue and disobey. It's like that game we played at that place when you hit the shark but another one pops up so you hit that one, too. (BTW - my 4 year old is referring to a variation of "Whack-A-Mole"!) When I punch down one weed another one sprouts up before the good seed can crack open and sprout up.
(Bear in my - HE IS 4 YEARS OLD!! I was a little dumbfounded...)
Mommy: "I'm sorry you're struggling with those weeds today. I'll pray for you during rest time that God will give you the grace and strength to obey without arguing, and you can ask Him to do that, too. He won't MAKE you obey, but He will remind you to obey and give you the ability to do it."

YIKES!! He's gonna pass me up any day now :)

Lord, keep me at least one step ahead!


Hello, all!

We are SO excited to tell everyone that Hanna's legal paper work came to our agency today. This means that our I800 can be sent to the National Benefits Center for processing. In English this means that we are yet another step closer to bringing home baby girl!!!

We are told that "average" time for the next step, Visa application (aka I800) approval, is about 1 month, then we wait for her medical appointment, visa appointment, and for her picture to be compared with known terrorists (no. I'm not kidding.) and then we can go get our girl!

Thanks for praying and keep it up! We may get to spend her birthday with her yet.