Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long memory

As I rocked my precious girl to sleep tonight, and she hugged me and snuggled close, my heart was full and grateful for the treasure nestled in my lap. As we rocked and snuggled, she sat up and looked at me with an open, sincere expression and said, "Momma, miss Kimmy."  Kimmy is Hanna's best friend. She lives in an orphanage in the Philippines. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: You miss Kimmy?
Hanna: Uh-huh. MJ. (her other close friend from the PI)
M: You miss MJ, too?
H: Uh-huh. Sing-a-Loo-uhd. Sing-a-Loo-uhd-a-Kimmy.
M: You sang to the Lord with Kimmy?
H: Uh-huh. Nex-a-her. Sit nex-a-her sing-a-Loo-uhd.
M: You sat next to her and sang to the Lord?
H: Uh-huh. Read.
M: And Kimmy would read with you?
H: Uh-huh.
H: Love MJ. (sad face)
M: You love MJ. I know. (tears filling eyes...mine)
H: Come-a-my-room.
M: You want Kimmy and MJ to come over to your room?
H: Uh-huh. Play.
M: I wish they could. I wish you could see them one more time.
H: One more time.

It was a treasured glimpse into my sweet daughter's heart and mind. I only wish I could do something to help her. Sadly the only remedy for separation from and longing for a friend is to be reunited. I will pray for her heart to be made whole and ask you, dear reader, to do the same.

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